Industrial Lifting Clamps Infographic


Types & Uses

Industrial lifting clamps are used by many organisations across a variety of industries such as construction, engineering and shipping for a range of different applications. The type of lifting clamp used, however, will depend entirely on the nature and needs of the lifting operation. Here, we take a look at the different types of industrial lifting clamps available at SafetyLiftinGear and where you are likely to use them.

Beam Clamps

  • These clamps are mostly used for the lifting and suspending of heavy items such as steel beams
  • Beam clamps provide very high strength levels and can be attached to a variety of beams and similar objects
  • You will find beam clamps used most often in an industrial setting such as garages and factories
  • They are extremely useful in any setting that required heavy beam-type objects to be lifted safely


Girder Clamps

  • Girder clamps also attach to steel girders and beams
  • These are only used for vertical lifting and not horizontal type side loading
  • Girder clamps are typically found within heavy-duty industrial settings to clamp onto girders and similar items
  • The majority of models are fully adjustable and can be attached to girders of different sizes
  • Girder clamps are very easy to fit, do not require any specialist tools and low-maintenance


Plate Lifting Clamps

  • Plate lifting clamps allow both vertical and horizontal lifting
  • Ideal for lifting, moving and transferring metal plates and sheets
  • The clamp to metal plates through a biting motion and are often used in pairs for extra security
  • These are often used in heavy lifting industries such as manufacturing


Other Types of Specialist Lifting Clamps

These clamps represent the additional types of clamps that you are likely to find being used across industries for very specific lifting operations:

  • Board Clamps – These are commonly found on building sites for gripping and lifting items such as plasterboard, plastics, stone, wood and MDF.
  • Drum Lifting Clamps – These clamps are used to lift a variety of drums, including oil, chemical and sometimes beer drums.
  • Pipe Lifting Clamps – These clamps are typically used to lift, manoeuvre and lower pipes of a variety of materials into required positions.
  • Pile Pitching Clamps – These clamps are often used with shackles and rope to safely lift and remove piling from within the ground.
  • Rail Clamps – These specialist clamps are found within the rail industry and are used to lift and move individual pieces of rail track into the correct position.
  • Manhole Clamps – These clamps are specifically designed and used to lift manhole covers.


SafetyLiftinGear’s Collection of Lifting Clamps

All of the above clamps are available to purchase or hire directly from SafetyLiftinGear. Depending on your lifting application, our range of clamps can be modified to suit your exact lifting requirements, ensuring your tasks are completed in the safest and most efficient way possible.

For more information on our collection of lifting clamps, be sure to contact us today by calling 0117 9381 600 or emailing