Specialising in both standard and bespoke ramps, gangways and platforms, Ra’alloy offers a wide variety of loading systems to an equally diverse range of sectors across the globe.

With over 30 years of experience under their collective company belt, the good folks at Ra’alloy are always aiming to one-up themselves in terms of quality output and pride themselves on offering operational efficiency and accessibility excellence.

To make that accessibility a little more accessible, we now offer a number of Ra’alloy items right here at SLG!


ra’alloy, loading ramps, loading systems


Ra'alloy Loading Ramps at SLG

Ra’alloy has proven time and time again over their company history that they are a brand that command attention and anyone serious about top-quality ramps and platforms should take note.

Their list of clientele proves just that, with their past customer including such brands as ITV and O2 Academy. The company even provided loading system products for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

If you would like to add your company’s name to that list, check out these awesome Ra’alloy products today:


ra’alloy, loading ramps, loading systems

Ra-alloy Single-Stage Van Access Ramp

Ideal for loading and unloading equipment and flight cases from vans, trucks and lorries, this line of ramps was originally intended for event and entertainment use.

However, these handy products have transcended the entertainment industry and have since helped bridge the gap for a variety of businesses and are now commonly used by a wide range of companies across the world.

Boasting a ribbed aluminium construction with a serrated flooring surface, these durable surfaces provide grip and traction with reliability and strength. The tail ends have also been tapered to provide a smooth transition from ramp to floor and ramp to van.

Capable of handling a safe working load of up to 750kg, this product is currently available in the following models:


ra’alloy, loading ramps, loading systems

Ra'alloy Single-Stage Flat-Top Container Ramp

Boasting weather-proof, slip-resistant flooring for superior traction, the Flat-Top Container Ramp from Ra’alloy is a unique piece of kit for loading and unloading tasks

Made from maintenance-free aluminium, the flat-top design makes this product the perfect addition when heights vary and a fixing point is unavailable.

Simply rest the ramp on the container and let the ram bar underneath do all the hard work, maintaining the stability and preventing the ramp from moving during use.

This item boasts healthy dimensions of 2m x 1m and, like the previous products, is also capable of handling up to 750kg in weight.


 ra’alloy, loading ramps, loading systems

Ra'alloy Lightweight Quick Release Folding Van Ramp

Perhaps the most dynamic option in the Ra’alloy range, the Quick-Release Folding Van Ramp provides a quick deployment function for a speedy loading/unloading experience that’s virtually effortless.

Capable of in-van deployment, the ramp itself comes with gas struts and multi-positional handles for ease of use to suit the user’s preferred requirements. Meanwhile, the anti-slip floor also provides additional grip for enhanced safety during use.

The ramp also features robust wheels for a smooth transition, while the deployment function can be released very quickly when required, providing great peace of mind in case of emergencies.


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