Looking for a dependable rigging attachment to help you with your lifting headaches? We’ve got just the product that’s guaranteed to leave you beaming!

Continuing our commitment to bring you the latest and greatest lifting solutions available, we’ve just added five new products to our growing range of beam clamps.

Best of all, these products come bearing the iconic mark of YALE, providing all the sturdy reliability we have come to expect from this established brand.

Enough chit-chat: let’s clampdown on these new YALE products and take a closer look. Beam me up, Scotty!


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What Are Beam Clamps?

Also known as girder clamps, beam clamps provide a safe and secure solution for those looking to suspend or secure fixtures and hardware to beam flanges without the need for welding or drilling.

Typically, beam clamps are attached to overhead beams to act as suspension points for lifting appliances; however, certain beam clamps can also be attached to the load itself as for lifting.


YALE YC Beam Clamps

Providing a quick and versatile rigging point for hoisting equipment, pulley blocks or loads on a beam, the YALE YC beam clamp range offers a simple and effective solution for a variety of rigging needs.

Equipped with a secure locking device for enhanced safety and reliability, YALE YC beam clamps can be attached to both horizontal beams and vertical beams.

When used in conjunction with multiple YALE YC beam clamps, this piece of kit can also be used to manoeuvre loose steel beams as well.

With a wide adjustment range and a centre threaded spindle, this unit offers flexible application and easy attachment for safe and simple use.

When used as a lifting clamp, this product is suitable for steel beams with that can be fully entered into the mouth of the clamp and adhere to the range indicated on the identity plate.


YALE Beam Clamps at SLG

At SafetyLiftinGear.com, YALE Beam Clamps are currently available in the following weight capacities:

YALE YC1 1000kg Beam Clamp

YALE YC2 2000kg Beam Clamp

YALE YC3 3000kg Beam Clamp

YALE YC5 5000kg Beam Clamp

YALE YC10 10,000kg Beam Clamp


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