Here at SLG, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of safety solutions for all, from basic protection to specialist PPE.

A prime example of this very fact is never more evident than our range of working gloves.

Used for a huge variety of jobs, working gloves are a vital piece of kit for anyone who takes a hands-on approach to their working duties, used to enhance grip and keep the hands protected.

To give you a crash course in hand protection, here are a few examples of some of our most popular working gloves on sale now at


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Working Gloves at SLG

Get to grips with these working gloves from SLG and get the PPE that’s right for the task at hand:


working gloves

Black Nitrile Engineering Gloves

A basic yet effective solution, Black Nitrile Engineering Gloves from LifeGear offers safe and simple protection of the hands and at an affordable price to boot.

The lightweight nature of the material combined with the full-dip nitrile coating provides enhanced dexterity, comfort and freedom of movement.

What’s more, it also makes them ideal for general engineering tasks, manual handling and a variety of assembly activities.

Versatile and affordable, this handy item is a great addition to any toolkit, at a price that’s hard to resist.

Available in M, L, XL and XXL.


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Green Latex Grip Builders Gloves

Also from LifeGear, the Green Latex Grip Builders Gloves range offers durable grip, tactile freedom and warmth in one great product.

Ideal for those that work outside or within a cold environment, these insulating gloves offer enhanced manual dexterity through their textured latex palm and fingers.

Meanwhile, they simultaneously provide comforting warmth via the breathable knitted back, rounded off with an elasticated wrist for comprehensive insulation.

Available in M, L and XL.


working gloves

LifeGear Safety Impact Working Gloves

Moving into the mid-level range, the Impact Working Gloves range from LifeGear offers a more robust protective solution for those tasked with working in harsher environments.

Complete with TPR impact protection on the back of the hands, these working gloves offer a variety of protective perks, including blow deflection to the knuckles, fingers and carpal bone.

Additionally, the glove itself is made of abrasion and tear-resistant material with a contoured neoprene cuff with pull-on tab for secure fastening and ease of use.

Available in M, L and XL.


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KONG Full Gloves

Part of our high-end range of protective working gloves, these full gloves from safety gear specialist, KONG, make for a fantastic safety solution for your PPE quandaries.

Made from high-quality suede, these gloves have been reinforced with DuPontTM Kevlar fibres on both the palm and fingers.

Featuring an elastic wristband with Velcro fastening for a secure fit, they also offer an elastic, abrasion-resistant back made breathable nylon for additional comfort.

Blending wearability with protective capabilities, the KONG full glove range is ideal for climbers, adventurers and rescuers alike.

Available in S, M, L and XL.


working gloves

Dirty Rigger Rope Ops Rope Access Gloves

A premium product from glove specialists, Dirty Rigger, the Rope Ops Rope Access gloves offer a whole host of handy features to keep your digits in peak condition.

From breathable Airprene knuckle padding and breathable mesh back to stretched 4-way fabric and COATS double-stitched seams, these gloves have it all.

They also boast articulated Armotex rope channels for abrasion resistance and fly control and even have a writable ID tag and eyelet holes for ultimate usability.

Also comprising of soft goatskin leather, these working gloves have been expertly made to provide comfort, flexibility and durability,

As the name suggests, these gloves are ideal for tasks involving rope use and rope handling, from theatre to rescue; however, they are also versatile enough to be used in for a variety of uses, industries and tasks.

Available in M, L and XL.


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