In our never-ending quest to provide you with the best lifting equipment known to man, we’ve scoured the lifting gear landscape for the latest and greatest innovations to add to our growing inventory of goodies.

As a result, we’ve added two more fantastic items to our arsenal this week, in the form of two mighty chain blocks from material handling maestros, Yale.

With that being said, enough with the idle chit-chat – let’s get down to business and take a look at these awesome additions in more detail!


yale chainblocks


Yale Chain Blocks at SLG

Part of the almighty Columbus McKinnon group, Yale Lifting Solutions has earned a reputation as a global leader in material handling and motion control.

ISO 9001 certified with a myriad of additional certificates to back it up, Yale is a reliable brand in the lifting industry, with innovation a key component of their products.

For proof of that innovation, look no further than these latest Yale chain blocks to arrive at SLG:


yale chainblocks

Yale VSIII Manual Chain Block

Yet another innovation from the good folks at Yale, the new and improved Yale VSIII Manual Chainblock boasts a variety of fresh perks in terms of usability to design.

From a functionality standpoint, the design of the hand chain has been notably improved to prevent hand injuries and operational canting.

Meanwhile, high-quality bearings have been added to each side plate, the gearbox and the load chain sheave to ensure smooth operation.

Even the chain itself has had an upgrade, featuring EN818-7 zinc-plated load chain. This chain hoist has been fully tested and certified to the appropriate operational standard.

Lightweight and compact, this chain hoist is a handy piece of kit, capable of lifting a hefty load with ease.

Available in the following weight categories:


yale chainblocks

YaleLift 360degree Chainblock</H3>

Another fantastic product from Yale, the YaleLift 360degree Chainblock offers unrivalled directional versatility and user-friendly operation.

Thanks to the innovative 360-degree rotating hand chain guide, the revolutionary system allows the operator to use the hand chain from virtually any angle and any position. This allows for use in confined areas, from the side of a load and even horizontally.

Fully tested and certified, the added positional flexibility provides enhanced safety and allows the operator to use this equipment outside of the hazardous area, notably reducing the risk factor as a result.

Available in the following weight capacities:


In addition to offering an extremely competitive price, we are also happy to say we offer next day delivery for all of these products. So, what are you waiting for? Order now and put the power of Yale behind your lift today!


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