When it comes to safety gear and on-site precautions, small things can make a very big difference. Case in point: fall protection eyebolts.

Designed to safely secure personal fall protection equipment to an anchorage system, these fun-size fall protection fasteners are a vital piece of kit.

As such, when seeking out a provider of such equipment, you’ll want to find a brand that’s reliable and trustworthy. No-one can argue that Pewag isn’t just that.

With a history that incredibly dates all the way back to 1479, it’s clear that Pewag is doing something right. That something is quality and their fall protection eyebolt are no exception.

So, without further ado, let’s shine the spotlight on the range of Pewag fall arrest eyebolt anchors now available at SLG.


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Pewag Fall Arrest Eyebolt Anchors

Providing the anchorage system with a safe and reliable means of attachment to the user’s personal fall protection equipment, the Pewag PLGW-PSA Fall Arrest Eyebolts present an exceptional safeguard for those tasked with working at height.

Despite weighing less than a kilo, each of these high-quality eyebolts are extremely durable, specifically designed to meet the standards of EC-Regulations 89/686/EEC and BS8610:2017, as well as the requirements of both EN795:2012 and CEN/TS 16415 directives.

Available in two top-quality variants, both Pewag Fall Arrest Eye Bolt Anchors are also available in three different sizes: M12 for single person use and M16/M20 sizes for dual person use.

Both eyebolts also feature the RAL 1003 colour finish, which has been pre-approved for use with stationary antenna systems, allowing you to use these products for work on cell phone towers.

Meanwhile, each model bears its own individual serial number, providing complete traceability on all compulsory inspections.


Intended for permanent assembly, the PLGW-PSA Basic is mounted to the anchorage system using a commercial Allen Key.

Unlike the basic version, the PLGW-PSA Supreme version features a patented system unique to the supreme model. This allows for tool-free assembly and disassembly once the anchor point is no longer needed.


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