Here at SafetyLiftinGear we take our lifting equipment very seriously. To promote proper health and safety practices when lifting heavy loads, we understand that your lifting equipment needs to be high-quality, sturdy, durable and professional too. Though we've got a comprehensive range of various lifting equipments, each of which has its own lifting capacity and specific desired use, it is our LiftinGear 2 Tonne Chainblock which seems to be the star of the show lately - quite literally too! 

Our LiftinGear 2 Tonne Chainblock is a chain block capable of lifting a weight of up to 2 tonnes. It can lift to heights from 3 - 30 metres and is an extremely heavy-duty model of industrial quality.  It recently featured on BBC two programme 'The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway', and was chosen for the durable and high-quality properties of this chain block to do the job efficiently. 

 2 tonne chainblock
LiftinGear 2 Tonne Chainblock, BBC Two, The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway 

 Here's some more information about our 2 tonne chainblock. 

  • It holds up to 2 tonnes of weight
  • It can lift to heights of anywhere from 3 - 30 metres 
  • It's a heavy duty model of industrial quality
  • It's lightweight and compact 
  • There are large opening swivel latch hooks with a heavy duty cast catch
  • It has a high tensile quality load chain
  • The hand chain is zinc plated
  • There's captive bearings on the load wheel
  • It has asbestos free brake discs 
  • There's 2 year warranty on this product
  • It's also available to hire 

 If you want to purchase our LiftinGear 2 Tonne Chainblock it's currently on a limited offer with a special reduced price of £81.58 including VAT. Our instructional video below provides you with a little bit more information, including how to use it and how it works. 


For more information on our LiftinGear 2 Tonne Chainblock or indeed any of our lifting equipment, simply give one of our experts a call on 0808 123 69 69 today.