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Pallet Truck Hire

Pallet Truck Hire

Pallet truck hire

As you may already know, we stock a huge variety of material handling products here at SafetyLiftinGear, including a great selection of high-quality pallet trucks.

Our pallet trucks are ideal for shifting pallets and other loads around the warehouse, and we offer a number of specialised pump trucks in case you need one with longer forks or a built-in weighing scale.

But what if you don't want to buy a pallet truck outright? What if you simply need to rent a pallet truck for short, medium or long-term hire? Well, that's not a problem because we also offer great prices on pallet truck hire!

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Most of our pallet trucks are available to hire, and we think you'll find that our hire rates are very reasonable indeed.

To get you started, here are some of our most popular hand pallet trucks - all of these are available to hire from any of our depots across the UK:


Premium Pallet Truck

Loadsurfer Premium Pallet Truck (2500kg)

Our best-selling pallet truck! The three-position handle offers great control and manoeuvrability, and the hydraulic pump unit allows you to lift and lower pallets quickly.

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Pfaff Pallet Truck

Pfaff Silverline Pallet Truck (2500kg)

Pfaff pallet trucks are renowned for their quality and durability. This one features an ergonomic steering bar for easy handling, plus rubber rollers for smooth and quiet travel.

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Electric Pallet Truck Hire

Loadsurfer Fully Electric Pallet Truck (2000kg)

This battery-powered pallet truck makes moving pallets easier and less labour-intensive compared to a manual pump truck. Its compact design is ideal for manoeuvring through narrow aisles.

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Remember, we also offer pallet truck maintenance and repair to keep your pallet trucks in tip-top working condition.

Get in touch for more information about our pallet truck services.

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