A pallet truck (also known as a pump truck or pallet jack) is a wheeled trolley designed to lift and transport pallets. The truck's tapered forks slot underneath the pallet and the pump handle can then be used to raise and lower the load.

Pallet Truck

Pallet trucks are commonly seen in warehouses, stockrooms, and other environments where wooden pallets are frequently used. There are many different types of pallet truck available to suit all sorts of different requirements, including:

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How to Use a Pallet Truck

Pallet trucks are designed to be used with standard wooden pallets, like these:

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In order to move a load using a pallet truck, you must first place that load on a pallet and secure it using suitable load restraint products (e.g. lashing straps).

Once your load has been restrained, you can manoeuvre your pallet truck into place, sliding the forks into the gaps provided for this purpose. You can then use the truck's pump-action handle to raise the pallet up off the ground - watch this video to see how that works.

Pallet pump trucks make it easy to move loads around your premises while eliminating many of the risks associated with heavy lifting. Remember, if you need to move pallets across rough terrains, there are special all-terrain pallet trucks available for this purpose.


How Not to Use a Pallet Truck 

If you would like to learn the things you should avoid doing whilst using a pallet truck, watch our video below:

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