Bow Shackle

A Bow Shackle is an 'O' shaped metal link which is closed by a bolt. Similar to an Anchor Shackle, the rounded design of both shackles allows Bow Shackles to take loads from many directions without developing a side load. When compared to a Chain Shackle, the more rounded shape of the Bow Shackle means they can also handle a thicker strap with ease. 

What is a Bow Shackle used for? 

A shackle consists of a body and a bolt which can be used to link to other items. They are primarily used to link different equipment together in rigging systems as they can be removed and attached easily. 

Bow Shackles can also be used to recover vehicles as they can cater to most vehicle weights available. Many off-roaders will take Bow Shackles in their vehicle recovery kit when driving over rough terrain in order to cover all bases. The Bow Shackle works well for this because it offers more space in its rounded body for chains and straps which will be used to recover vehicles. 

How to use a Bow Shackle

Before using a Bow Shackle, be sure to take notes of these rules on how to use a Bow Shackle. 

  • Connect a Bow Shackle to a sling, rope or a load by slotting the bow around the item and securing it with the pin. 
  • When attaching a Bow Shackle to a sling, always attach the slings to the bow in order to not damage the pin. 
  • If using a Bow Shackle with a wire rope, be sure the wire rope is always smaller or equal to the diameter of the Bow Shackle. 
  • Make sure your Bow Shackle is not left in excessively high or low temperatures as this can damage the shackle. 

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