Working at height bags

When working at height, it's important to ensure that your tools - and any other items you have on your person - cannot fall to the ground. Even small objects like bolts and screws can be very dangerous when dropped from a great height.

If you carry your equipment in a work bag, that bag must be properly topped to stop its contents from falling out. (We discussed this previously in our blog about The Three Ts of Height Safety.)

To help you prevent accidents while working at height, we've added a range of secure storage bags to the SafetyLiftinGear website. These bags are available to order now, and all of them are specifically designed to prevent tools and equipment from falling out - even if the bag is turned upside down.


Working at height tool bags

Tool Bags

These tool bags can be attached to your belt or safety harness while working at height. They're perfect for keeping tools safe - store your tools inside the bag or use the attachment points on the outside so you don't have to rummage around in the middle of a job.

Available in three different sizes:

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Storage bags for working at height

Storage Bags

These extra-large storage bags are ideal for storing PPE, climbing rope and other important hardware. The bags are waterproof and the fold-over lid helps to keep your kit from falling out.

Three sizes available:

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Need anything else? We have an enormous range of height safety products available to buy or hire - whatever you need to work safely at height, we can provide it. Contact SafetyLiftinGear today to discuss your requirements.