Bulky, awkward and heavy by nature, transporting steel drums from A to B can be a real pain in the neck… and back… and knees.

Luckily, there are easier ways to lift and shift your heavy-duty cargo and we have plenty of options right here at SafetyLiftinGear.com.

At SLG, we pride ourselves on offering simple solutions to complex lifting problems and drum transport is no different.

Take the strain out of your day and march to the beat of your own drum with our wide range of handy drum handling equipment.


 drum handling equipment


Steel Drum Handling Equipment UK

Transportation of bulky drums across work yards and storage sites isn’t always straightforward. In fact, at times, it can be very much the opposite.

Our range of drum handling equipment is ideal for any number of environments, providing functional solutions for virtually any environment.

For some of the best drum handling equipment money can buy, look no further than these safe, efficient solutions to your drumsportation nightmares.


drum handling equipment

Forklift Drum Grab

Fitted with heavy-duty, zinc-plated screw clamps, this Forklift Drum Grab can make awkward drum transport as simple as grab and go.

Featuring a straight-forward design for simplistic operation, this product provides a quick and efficient solution to any drum moving task.

Easily attachable to any standard forklift, this forklift attachment has a maximum working load of 450kg, perfectly suitable for 30/55 gallon drums.


drum handling equipment

CAMLOK DCV500 Vertical Lift Drum Clamp

Specifically designed to vertically hoist steel drums for upright transportation, the DCV500 has the unique benefit of allowing transportation of drums with or without their lids attached. The clamp is simply attached to the rim of the drum for safe, secure transit.

Its modest, lightweight design makes the DCV500 ideal for lifting drums from compact spaces, such as those organised tightly on pallets. At just 7kg in weight, it’s also surprisingly strong, capable of handling a working load limit 500kg.


drum handling equipment

Single/Double Drum Fork Mounted Rim Grip Drum Lifter

Boasting a fully automated rim grip for unrivalled efficiency, these versatile fork-mounted lifting jaws provide safe and reliable transport of both open and closed top drums.

Perfectly suitable for new and damaged drums alike, the hardened steel jaws lift from the rim with a fully automated action, allowing the driver to safely operate the lift without leaving his/her seat.

Available in single drum (IRG-1) or double drum (IRG-2) models, the bright-orange rim grip also features zinc-plated twist screws for secure forklift attachment.

The IRG-1 Single Drum Rim Grip has an overall lifting capacity of 750kg, while the IRG-2 Double Drum Rim Grip logically has a capacity to lift double that at 1500kg.

Optional extras include rubber pads to limit potential damage to drum rim, while stainless steel versions are also available for zoned areas.


drum handling equipment

Drum Trolley / Dolly for 205 Litre Drums

What list of moving equipment would be complete without the presence of the ever-popular transport classic, the humble trolley?

Simple yet effective, the drum trolley is perfect for smoothly moving bulky 205 litre drums across level ground.

Featuring a fully-welded steel frame and cross straps, this solid base also boasts replaceable heavy-duty zinc swivel castors for hassle-free multi-directional use.

Also comes complete with a 12-month warranty for additional peace of mind.



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