Anyone that works in a factory, warehouse or anywhere involving repetitive tool processes will be well aware of the benefits of spring balancers. If not, it’s high time you get educated!

Spring balancers allow you to easily and efficiently use a suspended tool with very little effort or exertion; e.g. a welding gun on a production line, paint spraying equipment in a garage or even X-ray apparatus.

Benefitting from an up/down freedom of motion, this piece of equipment can be adjusted to stay in position or retract based on the needs of the worker and nature of the task, taking the weight off the worker to quite literally lighten the load.


spring balancers, tool balancer


Yale Tool Balancer Equipment

At SLG, we stock a number of spring balancers from US-based industrial equipment giants, Yale.

With a history that dates all the way back to 1844, Yale has worked tirelessly to become one of the pre-eminent worldwide leaders in forklifts and warehouse solutions.

Today, Yale is part of the Hyster-Yale group, a publicly traded company on the NY Stock Exchange and internationally recognised with a variety of awards and accreditations.

Suffice to say, Yale has a bulletproof reputation within the industry for their top-quality reliable equipment and these tool balancer products are no exception.



spring balancers, tool balancer 

Yale YBF Series Spring Balancers

Yale’s YBF Series is offers safe and simple service through the containerised spring cartridge, capable of handling up to 100kg in weight.

This model also includes an anti-wear feature that prevents damage to the aluminium housing. This can be even be replaced without dismantling the housing.

Similarly, wire replacement can also be done without dismantling the body for further ease of access.

The YBF series also offers a variety of safety perks, notably its enclosed body design, preventing hand injuries such as trapped fingers.

The YBF Series is available in the following models:

Yale YBF Series Spring Balancers 1-100kg

Yale YBF Series Long Lift Spring Balancers 1.5-100kg



spring balancers, tool balancer

Yale YBA Series Spring Balancers

The YBA Series is much like the YBF Series, offering virtually all the perks of its counterpart but with a number of helpful additions, most notably its wire arrest system.

The wire arrest precaution is perfect for jobs involving a repetitive process where there is a distinct possibility of damage to the wire strands; e.g. fabrication and welding production lines.

The YBA Series has a weight capacity of 70kg and is available in two models:

Yale YBA Series Spring Balancers 9-70kg

Yale YBA Series Long Lift Spring Balancers 9-70kg



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