If you work with heavy motors and vehicle engines as part of your day-to-day job, chances are, you’ll already be well-acquainted with the wonderful world of floor cranes.

If not, it may be time to put a request in the suggestion box. These bad boys are well worth the investment!


 floor cranes, engine cranes


Floor Engine Cranes

Also known quite logically as engine cranes, floor cranes can be a real life-saver when it comes to workshops and factory settings.

More accurately, they can be a real spine-saver, providing a much-needed helping hand in the form of a mighty lifting arm.

Here are some of the latest and greatest floor cranes now available on SafetyLiftinGear.com.


floor cranes, engine cranes 

Steerman 1000kg EC Standard Folding Engine Crane

Reinforced with rugged tubular steel, this folding engine crane is the perfect piece of equipment for positioning engines and motors.

The product of industry heavyweights, Steerman, this crane features unique hydraulic rams, equipped with a patented built-in by-pass mechanism.

Ideal for a variety of working environments, from workshops and garages to machine shops and warehouses, its innovative design also allows for quick and speedy folding for easy transit.

This versatile product also has five adjustable boom positions, ranging from 620mm to 1020mm in length. When in use, it has a maximum lifting capacity of 1000kg, depending on the boom positioning.



Pfaff Heavy Duty Folding Floor Crane

An essential for anyone that works with engines, this foldable floor crane is perfect for lifting and shifting heavy motors, as well as loading and unloading pallets.

Featuring a rotatable hydraulic system for enhanced manoeuvrability and sensitive lowering valve as standard, the Pfaff V-Shaped crane is also perfect for lifting in confined spaces.

The cantilever arm has the ability to reach a height of 2080mm and even boasts an extendable function to suit the necessary application.

Additionally, this crane also includes a fitted safety brake to ensure the crane is firmly secured in place once the desired position is achieved.

For easy transit and space-saving storage, this product also features a collapsible folding mechanism, allowing for quick and easy deconstruction by a single person.

The Pfaff crane is available in two different chassis variants with a 500kg and 1000kg capacity model for each version:


 floor cranes, engine cranes

Pfaff 500kg V-Shaped Chassis Heavy Duty Folding Floor Crane

Pfaff 1000kg V-Shaped Chassis Heavy Duty Folding Floor Crane


 floor cranes, engine cranes

Pfaff 500kg HWK KLS Heavy Duty Folding Floor Crane

Pfaff 1000kg HWK KLS Heavy Duty Folding Floor Crane



So, there you have it – a brief introduction into the uplifting world of floor cranes! What are you waiting for? Order now and take your productivity to new heights with engine cranes from SLG.


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