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With summer reaching its swansong, here at, we’ve decided to welcome in the autumn the only way we know how – with more new lifting products, of course!

This time, to broaden our lifting horizons even further, we’ve expanded our collection of products from German brand, Pfaff.

Renowned for their strength, quality and durability, Pfaff has gained a solid reputation for their heavy-duty lifting gear – and these products only strengthen that status.


Pfaff Pallet Movers

When it comes to heavy lifting, Pfaff is a go-to brand for many. Take a look at these newly listed Pfaff pallet trucks and see just why!


pfaff pallet trucks, pfaff pallet movers

Pfaff 'Silverline' 2500kg Pallet Truck

Measuring 540mm x 1150mm and weighing just 68kg, the Pfaff Silverline 2500kg packs some serious pound for pound strength, capable of lifting over 36 times its own weight.

Featuring a high-quality epoxy coating, rubber rollers for noise reduction and an ergonomic handle for maximum comfort, no stone has been left unturned in pursuit of usability.

The one-hand control mechanism also has a 210-degree rotation for manoeuvrability and even features an adjustable pressure control valve to prevent overloading. It also boasts a precision lowering valve, allowing you to easily control the lowering speed.


pfaff pallet trucks, pfaff pallet movers

Pfaff 'Silverline' 2000kg 'Extra Wide' Pallet Truck

This model, as you may guess by the “Extra Wide” moniker, is slightly broader than our last entry. In fact, it’s almost 60% broader measuring 850mm wide.

This additional range makes it perfect for lifting and moving specialist items, such as American pallets or brickyard pallets.

Outside of width, the Pfaff Silverline Extra Wide is much like the Silverline 2500kg, offering an ergonomic handle, adjustable pressure control valve and one-hand controllability.

However, while this wide span does make it useful for girthier items, it’s worth noting that this model does have a lower weight capacity, topping out at 2000kg.


pfaff pallet trucks, pfaff pallet movers 

Pfaff 'Proline' 1500kg 'Low Profile' Pallet Truck

Part of the Proline range, the Low Profile model is tailor-made for lifting pallets with a notably lower height, with a lowered fork height of just 51mm.

Meanwhile, this model also features a high-performance hydraulic pump, complete with a chromium-plated piston and pressure relief valve.

It also boasts superior handling capabilities, with a steering angle of 105 degrees to each side, providing accurate movement even in confined spaces.


pfaff pallet trucks, pfaff pallet movers

Pfaff 'Proline' 2000kg 'Quick Lift' Pallet Truck

With a maximum load capacity of 2 tonnes, the Pfaff Quick Lift has the weight advantage over the Low Profile; however, it also more than lives up to its name.

Providing speedy transportation of pallets under demanding conditions, the Quick Lift is capable of hoisting 200kg in just two strokes of the handle.

While this pallet truck does feature many of the perks of the Low Profile – from steering angle to hydraulic pump – it also has some handy additions.

Notably, this model also features a driving/park brake that’s easily operated from the control handle.


pfaff pallet trucks, pfaff pallet movers 

Pfaff 'Proline' 2500kg 'Parking Brake' Pallet Truck

With a heavy load capacity and sturdy frame, the Proline Parking Brake model is perfect for moving and transporting palletised goods on unsteady surfaces, such as ramps, slopes and on lorries.

With most of the perks of the Quick Lift (minus the quick lift function), this pallet truck is a versatile option that provides safe manoeuvrability and stability with extreme strength for heavy-duty lifting.


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