Pallet truck for rough surfaces

The humble pallet truck can be found in warehouses and stockrooms all over the world - it's ideal for moving heavy wooden pallets safely and efficiently.

But while ordinary pallet trucks work perfectly on smooth, polished floors, they do tend to struggle on uneven terrain. If you need a pallet truck that can be used on rough surfaces, we recommend our best-selling 1.2 Tonne All-Terrain Pallet Truck.

All-Terrain Pallet Truck - Product Details:

  • Pneumatic tyres travel smoothly over rough terrain
  • Easy to manoeuvre using the steering handle
  • Adjustable fork width
  • Driving axle features self-lubricating bearings
  • Weight load limit: 1200kg

The rough surface pallet truck is great for construction sites, garden centres, and other work environments where the ground is too uneven for normal pallet trucks.

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