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Various types of hoist

Hoists are ideal for vertical lifting jobs, but with many different hoist types to choose from, it's important to select the right hoist for the task at hand.

Here's a quick overview of the different types of hoist and when each one should be used.

Manual hoists

1 tonne chain block hoist

Pictured: 1 Tonne Chain Block Hoist

Chain blocks and other manual hoists are great value for money. They cost less than powered hoists, and they're versatile enough to be suitable for a wide range of lifting tasks. Because they don't use electricity, manual hoists are ideal for situations where there's no power source available.

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Electric hoists

Yale CPS Lightweight Electric Chain Hoist

Pictured: YALE CPS Lightweight Electric Chain Hoist

Electric hoists take the hard work out of heavy lifting jobs, working faster and more efficiently than their manual counterparts. SafetyLiftinGear's electric hoist range includes a wide range of different hoist types and configurations.

Our single phase and three phase electric chain hoists are easy to use and deliver a rapid lifting speed. 110 volt and 240 volt products are available, with capacities ranging from 100kg to 10 tonnes.

Choosing the right voltage: 240 volt electric hoists are compatible with domestic plug sockets. We recommend 240 volt hoists for use in small workshops, garages, and at home. 110 volt electric hoists are recommended for on-site use.

We also offer electric wire rope hoists that use extra-strong wire rope instead of chains to support your load.

Electric wire rope hoist

Pictured: 500kg Wire Rope Hoist (240 Volt)

One of our most popular electric wire rope hoists is the 500kg Minifor hoist from Tractel (also available in 300kg capacity). This product allows any length of rope to be used, meaning the height of lift can range from 10 to 100 metres.

The Minifor hoist is ideal for cladding applications and lift shafts.

Tractel Minifor hoist

Pictured: 500kg Tractel Minifor Hoist

We even offer a selection of radio-controlled electric hoists that can be operated remotely using the controller provided.

Remote control hoist

Pictured: 500kg Electric Wire Hoist with Remote Control


Battery powered hoists

Most of our electric hoists require a power source, which can render them unusable if you're working in an environment where electricity is not readily available. However, we do offer a selection of battery-powered hoists that can be used more or less anywhere.

Battery powered electric chain hoist

Pictured: 500kg Battery Powered Electric Chain Hoist

The hoists themselves are lightweight and easy to transport. Operation is simple, and because they're battery-powered, they're ideal for remote work environments with no power sources.

250kg Battery Hoist   500kg Battery Hoist


Air powered hoists

Air-powered hoisr

Pictured: 1000kg Pneumatic Air Lifting Hoist

Air-powered hoists are ideal for tasks that require rapid lifting speeds and constant use. These hoists are powered by a compressed air feed, making them a great alternative to electric hoists when there are no power sources available.

The other key benefit of air hoists is their 100% duty cycle - significantly higher than most electric hoists. For example, this electric chain hoist has a 25% duty cycle, meaning it can be operated continuously for a maximum of 15 minutes in a one-hour period. Hoists that are powered by a compressed air feed do not have this limitation; they can remain in constant use until the job is done.

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Scaffold hoists

Imer scaffold hoist

Pictured: Imer ET200N Scaffold Hoist

Scaffold hoists are specifically designed to assist with scaffolding work. They can be fitted directly to the scaffolding, making it easy to transport loads up and down between the ground and the work platforms.

We offer a range of reliable scaffold hoists, as well as a selection of chains, buckets and other hoist accessories that are likely to come in handy when working on a scaffold.

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All of the hoists mentioned above are available to buy or hire from SafetyLiftinGear. If you're interested in renting a hoist, look for the 'Hire Me' button or contact your nearest SLG depot.

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